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The following comes from DMN strategic partner WonderShare, a company dedicated to solving iTunes headaches with its companion plug-in, TunesGo.

iTunes has always been one of the biggest music platforms in world, and it’s about to get bigger with streaming.  But if you’re one of the hundreds of million of users, you’ve endured your share of headaches.

Here are just some of the issues we constantly hear from users:

1. Android incompatibility.

If you have a Mac and use an Android, you’ve undoubtedly faced innumerable issues listening to your collection on mobile.  That’s because Apple has always wanted it that way, despite the presence of hundreds of millions of Android users worldwide.

2. It’s really hard for iPhone users to share music.

We also constantly hear from users hitting snags sharing between iPhones.  Which is really frustrating considering that you’re inside Apple’s ecosystem!

3. Incomplete song information.

Downloading stuff online?  This may not be Apple’s fault, but free, authorized music downloads often lack the necessary ID3 tags, making it really hard to search and sort the music you’re discovering.  But Apple makes it difficult to easily edit all of this information.

4. It unexpectedly quits.

Yeah, Apple crashes.  And it looks like this.


5. iTunes Match still needs work.

Match is far from perfect, and grayed-out is a recurring issue.

6. Duplicates are still a problem.

iTunes has duplicate finding capabilities, but they’re often poor and don’t properly match and eliminate doubles.

Overall, you could easily argue that iTunes is past its prime, and users are moving on towards far greater capabilities.  That’s where WonderShare has been innovating.  As a trusty companion, we do what iTunes can’t, and make your experience much richer as a result.


TunesGo: Your Perfect iTunes Companion

This is where our innovations come in.  We’ve been working on a number of features that we hope comprise a one-stop solution to iTunes woes.

1. Better management of music files

We’ve worked hard to make it easy to transfer your library from wherever to wherever, whether iOS back to iTunes on your Mac or between iPhones and Android devices.  And we’ve made it easy for the hundreds of millions of Android users to use iTunes, headache-free.

2. Vastly improved file management.

We’ve created better song ordering and arrangement across your entire collection.

3. Better YouTube access.

Forget about YouTube Music Key, which may not even launch this year.  We’re already offering the option of using YouTube as a real, personal music source.

4. More sophisticated metadata clean-up.

TunesGo offers the option of completely cleaning your music library though a complete analysis and cleaning of all files.

5. A restriction-free library.

Music management without any iTunes restrictions; TunesGo even automatically converts your file formats to those supported by your devices.


Basically, we’re trying to create an all-encompassing, all-purpose solution for the serious music fan.  Our latest version, TunesGo 6.4.0, will be released very soon and will be quickly followed by another portfolio of improvements.

A really important feature of Wondershare TunesGo 6.4.0 is that it allows you to totally back up your entire iTunes library, including not just the music files themselves but file paths, playlists, and all settings.  We place all of this neatly into external and internal drives.  And you can always port that to any other computer.

Some other features of the latest version that we’re exciting to discuss including multilingual support and the easy transferring of videos from PC to iPhone and iPad without any quality loss.  Apart from these, you can also efficiently manage your iPhone contacts and SMS messages without the need for iTunes, which includes merging duplicate contacts without any loss of critical data.


Anyway, we’ve had a lot of fun building this; we hope you’ll join in!

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