Mobile Marketing Watch by Kevin Matthies

Here’s What Happened in Mobile Marketing This Week

In case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

The 2015 Mobile Landscape: Who Are the Major Players and Providers?
There’s a great race going on. It’s the race to get up to speed with mobile, the fastest-growing medium for connecting with consumers around the world.

Strata Survey: Video Confidence Growing; 43% Increase from Previous Quarter
“A survey of advertising agencies found that 44 percent of agencies are confident they are getting a good value for their recent online video ad purchases, marking a 43 percent increase from the previous quarter.” That news comes from a first quarter survey by Strata, a major software firm for media buying and selling.

Survey Shows Investment Management Brands See Content Marketing as Valuable
A new survey of marketing executives is out — and it reveals some of the challenges facing investment management firms.

Digital Vidya Hosts Certified Mobile Marketing Master Course
Time to learn more about mobile marketing in India? Digital Vidya, one of India’s largest companies and one of Asia’s leading digital marketing training firms, will soon present its Certified Mobile Marketing Master (CMMM) course.

Pixalate Launches First Security Hardware Appliance for Advertising
Advertising fraud has become a systemic problem and a top concern for marketing organizations everywhere.

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