Publishing Boutique & Artists Management | Midem Award 2005.


(©urve)music™ works to maximize publishing and digital exploitation opportunities for our selected artists by building on our existing relationships with sub-publishers, collecting societies ( PRS UK Member ) film and TV producers, game developers, advertising agencies and music supervisors across borders in all major territories including the UK, U.S, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Representing a catalog of quality original music we are constantly on the lookout for more quality songs to be licensed to labels, sub-published, used as soundtracks and etc…If you are a composers | author and would like to send us your material please read on…

What we do at publishing here at (©urve)music™ ?

We spend our days trying to get our writers songs to be licensed for film, tv, advertising and many other commercial uses. We spend years learning about the “maze” of the collecting societies to help them administer and exploit their works on a variety of fields.

(©urve)music™ have created global opportunities for digital content as well as places songs and artists into specific campaigns within a broad range of media, including digital distribution.

In case you are interested in sending us some musical works -LINKS ONLY PLEASE – to: music[at]curvemusic[dot]net