Developer Kit Robot raised $15.7k on Kickstarter last year to finish its DevoBots app – part synthesizer, part robot-avatar creator, fully licensed by new wave pioneers Devo.

Now the app is out, released on Apple’s App Store as a £1.49 download for iPhone and iPad. It looks really rather good indeed.

“Kit Robot has been working in collaboration with pop icons DEVO for the last year to bring you this exclusive App featuring unreleased Sound Loops from the 1980s Devo Archives, allowing you to play and mix your very own music using our unique DevoBots loop synthesizer, explains its App Store listing.

“Inspired by analogue synths and toy organs from the 1970s, we bring you a toy sound device reminiscent of DEVOs own synths utilizing their very own sound.”

The app also uses Kit Robot’s ‘avatar engine’ to get fans building their own virtual robots with “unique Devo color form assets” for an additional creative angle.

DevoBots is a digital robot assembly kit, like a digital Lego or Mr Potato Head. The user can create millions of robots out of the box using assets to build your very own DEVOBOT, mimicking the bands outfits and personas from the past 40 years,” explains the listing.

Kit Robot is planning to make new assets and sound-packs available as in-app downloads, possibly charging for them. There’s also going to be some kind of contest for fans to “create a track to be feature by DEVO in an up coming release or promo”.

The app looks innovative and fun, but we’re going to spend the weekend playing with it to get a better sense of whether that $15.7k was money well spent. Join us by downloading DevoBots from the App Store.

Source: Musically

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