Publishing Boutique & Artists Management | Midem Award 2005.


Established in January 2004 (©urve)music™ is focused on providing artists, brands and music companies with unique services involving publishing, music branding and B2B consultancy.

An a progressive and artists driven music publisher, (©urve)music™ helps writers fully REC (Register | Exploit | Collect) their works. On the consultancy side we advise brands, music industry players (including artists) on business strategies, planning, sales & marketing, distribution and beyond. 

Since May 1st 2010 we also launched two separate businesses in Brazil, a music business school (click): Musicness & (click)  Sync Originals a creative music services agency. *Top 50 innovators in marketing & communication Brazil 2013. ProXXIma Magazine (from Meio & Mensagem media Group).